Our shari'ah-compliant investment portfolios are managed and supervised by high-caliber investment professionals and Muslim scholars.

What is Halal Investing?

Halal Means Ethical

Halal investing is an approach that adheres to Islamic principles. It is faith-based, designed to drive value not only for our investors, but also the community. We follow guidelines shaped by Islamic scholars on topics such as interest, debt, risk, and social responsibility. 

We invest in companies that are concerned about society, excluding those that engage in gambling, tobacco, weaponry, pork, alcohol, and the like, as well as companies with unethical practices, even if in ethical industries.

Whether as a standalone investment or as part of a larger portfolio, Iman Fund may be suitable for you.

Larger investors, such as nonprofits, mosques, endowments, family trusts, or institutions may choose the Fund or a separately managed account, which follow the same philosophy and process. 

Who Should Invest with Allied Asset Advisors?

Individual Investors

  • Our portfolios may be an excellent option for individual investors with medium- to long-term investment goals.
  • Designed to help you realize your financial objectives. 
  • Make informed investment decisions for your portfolio with our help, if needed. 
  • Receive periodic reports to keep you up-to-date on  the performance of your investments.

Family Trust Funds

  • Familial ties and compassion in Islamic culture are important.
  • We believe our portfolios are highly appropriate for  family trust fund portfolios.
  • Investing with us can help preserve and grow your intergenerational wealth or take care of those family members who are unable to look after themselves.

Institutional Investors

  • We help you serve your stakeholders, offering guidance, not just an investment portfolio. 
  • Iman Fund or a separate account may be good options for institutions and nonprofits such as pension funds, foundations and endowments, mosques, and more 
  • We follow a well-rounded, halal-compliant investment approach.   

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