Our Values

Our work is rooted in core Islamic values and Islamic ethics.

We strive to educate and enable our investors so they can reap the potential benefits of sound investment decisions, protect their capital, and give back to their community.


Earning the trust of our investors is our utmost priority. We believe that their trust of our investors and that of other stakeholders is an asset and an enormous responsibility we willingly accept. We make every effort to ensure our decisions are aligned with those beliefs, while being guided by the Quran and Sunnah at all times.

Accountability & Transparency

Islamic shari’ah strongly emphasizes accountability that is owed to God as well as to the creation. 

At Allied Asset Advisors (AAA), we uphold this principle in all investment decisions, big or small, on behalf of our investors. It is important to us that we share information with you every step of the way. You remain in the driver’s seat of managing your wealth, while we act as your guide and custodian.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility and greater good is at the heart of Islam, providing a beautiful balance in every aspect of human experience, from spiritual to material. These principles help preserve human life, dignity, intellect, wealth, health, and human spirit.

The concepts of halal (permissible) and haram (prohibited) reflect a deep concern for social welfare. They further emphasize ethical conduct and good governance where actions of one do not harm another individual, group, or  community. 

Offering you a halal mutual fund is our social responsibility. We try our best to fulfil this responsibility according to the boundaries agreed upon and provided to us by international Islamic scholars.


In Islam, all human beings are created with a greater purpose – to serve the creation of God in beneficial ways as a means to get closer to Him. While the Muslim community has many ways to get closer to the Creator, AAA launched Iman Fund to expand that access to the material aspects of individuals’ lives, especially those related to monetary wealth and growth of assets.

At AAA, our purpose is to help the American Muslim community nurture the present and build the future for new generations within the bounds of Islamic values.