In the early 1980s, the American Muslim community was growing along with its financial needs. We responded, establishing Allied Asset Advisors and Iman Fund more than two decades ago.

Experiencing a lack of Islamically-permissible options to help secure a family’s financial future, the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), a pioneer Islamic organization, along with a group of other community leaders decided to introduce a halal mutual fund. 

In 1984, the first halal mutual fund was launched. One of the founding leaders of this mutual fund was Dr. Bassam Osman, a neurologist by training. Dr. Osman went on to found Allied Asset Advisors and launch Iman Fund (ticker IMANX) on June 30, 2000. To this day, Allied Asset Advisors serves as the adviser to the Fund and Dr. Osman remains the Portfolio Manager. 

Islamic organizations, mosques, and Islamic centers were among the initial investors. The Fund swiftly grew, adding a large number of individual investors as well. 

Our Founder

Dr. Bassam Osman is the portfolio manager for our portfolios. His experience spans 40 years in the investment industry. He has a comprehensive understanding of Islamic principles and Islamic finance.

 AAA, an SEC registered investment advisor is further guided by a Board of Trustees of prominent Islamic scholars from the United States. 

With the sponsorship of AAA, Iman Fund was successfully launched as well with Dr. Osman as the portfolio manager.

In 2011, AAA enlisted the leadership of Mohamad Nasir as General Manager to further expand AAA footprint across America. Mr. Nasir holds an MBA and has extensive experience in private business and the corporate sector, as well as deep knowledge about Islamic Finance. He also now serves as an Investment Consultant.